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One size doesnt fit all and I dont work from a template. My clients goals are specific to them and my style is versatile to make them achieve it.


Here are some of my clients goals:

"I want to be the weight I was before my pregnancy" 

"My doctor has advised me that my BMI is to high and is a concern to my general health and wellbeing"

"I want to drop two sizes in my clothing"

"I want to be more toned throughout the year besides from summer" 

"I want to look better than I've ever done before"

"I need to feel better about myself and training is good for my mental health. 


No matter your goal as long as you have the right work ethic, we can achieve realistic goals!

Below are some of the great clients that I work with...



Why do you  train? What do get from it?

For me training provides me with an extremely high level of self confidence, health and happiness


Whats the main thing you have learned whilst having a PT?

The biggest thing i learned from having a PT is that cooperation is key to improving your situation for others and your self and that sometimes it's better to get off your high horse and learn from someone who is more experienced and well learned in.

Fitness Goal:

My goal is to become one of the most dominant and attractive (PPV) boxing champions of my generation



Why do you  train?

I was never very sporty. I used to go to the gym but that was never a passion of mine. I could maintain my weight and I eat healthy so I didn’t feel the need to work out, let alone to work out with a PT. Exercising for health benefit didn’t even cross my mind.

My thinking changed after my pregnancy. My physics changed drastically and I didn’t know where to start. It may sound shallow to some by the way I looked affected my mental health. It got even worse when one of a medical professional told me that my body will never look the same and I’m naïve thinking otherwise. Little did I know then, they were 100% right…


Whats the main thing you have learned whilst having a PT?

I started working out with Lloyd and couldn’t believe how quick I could see results. He listened to me and created workout tailored to my needs. He also guided me how I should eat to make the most of the whole program. He pushed me to my absolute limits but also recognised where to stop.

After a few months of hard work with Lloyd I don’t look the same… I never looked better though!



Tell us about yourself

My name is Chantelle.  I am 41 years old, have a busy career and two young children, so it can sometimes be challenging to fit training around my busy life.  


Why do you  train?

Although I enjoy training, I have always struggled with my weight, so I wanted to find a PT who could work with me on both diet and exercise.


Whats the main thing you have learned whilst having a PT? 

Lloyd has taught me how to train smart, with minimal equipment, and how to effectively make use of the time I have.  He has spent a lot of time teaching me techniques that I can use either in the gym or at home.   I love the variety that he incorporates into each session.  No session is ever the same and he knows how to push me hard to get the best out of me aswell as making them fun.  In the three months I have been training with him I have lost over a stone, feel fitter,  stronger,  and am looking forward to taking it to the next level



Tell us about yourself

Im no exception, my fitness journey is different to yours. While you may be trying to slim down, i'm trying to bulk up. I have come to realise fitness success lies in a couple of key factors and they are train consistent with a healthy but balanced diet. Sounds simple enough right? Go to the gym, work hard, and eat right. 


I struggle to stay consistent and needed that extra push in the gym and that simple food equation "what should I eat and how much of it?"

that’s where a personal trainer helped. 


Whats the main thing you have learned whilst having a PT?

Lean Living personal training made sure i reached my fitness goals. From custom-tailored workout programs to a never-ending supply of motivation, he push me to be the best he could and had a blast while doing it! I had no clue the actually amount of carbs, protein and fat I needed; he gave me an actual number.... I didn't have to think about the diet, just follow what he gave me.

Lean Living Personal Training as well benefits me outside of my fitness goals, am sure we're all aware of of this; if not just type it into google lol :-)



Tell us about yourself

I started personal training with Lloyd with the aim of reducing body fat and tone up as well as building my strength through HIIT and intense weight training, my overall strength and fitness improved significantly within 9 months. As a result, I was able to build stamina required to improve my cardiovascular health after my Quadruple heart bypass.; an event I never thought I would be able to survive and get fit again.


Each workout was tailored to my goals and with Lloyd encouragement, I was continuously pushed outside my comfort zone. With the support of Lloyd, I have been able to reduce my body fat and feel considerably stronger, fitter and more confident.


Whats the main thing you have learned whilst having a PT?

Personal training has changed my mindset and I am constantly challenging myself to reach the next goal. Lloyd is committed, inspirational and passionate in supporting individuals and their goals! I would highly recommend him as a Personal Trainer to anyone looking to push themselves and change their lifestyle.


I first started seeing LIoyd for weekly PT and nutritional support at the end of 2019 in my local gym. During lock down I have had my weekly sessions in the open in parks and local parking lots. This shows his commitment.


Throughout this time Lloyd has taken the time to explain what the appropriate number of calories for my body shape/weight/height and weekly expenditure would be, this coupled with hiit training sessions and regular walks has resulted in weight loss and my body shape changing.


Lloyd is very friendly and approachable; he will take time to explain what each exercise does and how to do it correctly without causing injury.


I couldn’t recommend him enough!


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